Peter Fuller

Peter Fuller

Peter worked for BHPBilliton from 1988 to 2006 in Engineering, Production and Project Management roles. Peter gained experience in Base Metals mineral processing, Manganese Submerged Arc Furnaces, Coal Processing and Mining operations before moving into the Business Improvement Arena (Lean Six Sigma).

6 SigmaPeter was the first Accredited Black Belt and Master Black Belt for BHPBilliton and was the Business Improvement Manager for BHPBilliton Australian Operations from 2003 to 2006. This role involved providing Business Improvement and Lean Six Sigma expertise to all unit operations contained in 46 BHPB operating sites in Australia.

Peter then worked as Director of Business Improvement at BISCleanaway for a year before setting up FAROP in 2007.

Since 2007 Peter has worked for and at multiple Operating sites across Australia, providing Business Improvement and Project Management expertise and delivering many successful Improvement Outcomes and Projects in the Mining, Civil and Electrical fields – refer case studies .


Position: Director
Service: 6 Years
Qualifications: MBA (Tech Mgt)
Master Applied Sc ( Met)
Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering

Case Studies

Mine Site Water Management

Project Summary Coal Mine - Major Dewatering Strategy; Poly pipe supply and installation.

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Tailings Dam Construction

Project Summary Metalliferous Mine - Tailings Dam Construction and Filter Wall.

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Mine Car Park Upgrade

Project Summary Coal Mine - Car Park upgrade.

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Mine Water Fill-Point Upgrade

Project Summary Coal Mine - Mine Water Fill-Point Upgrade.

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Mine Communications Tower

Mine Communications TowerProject Summary Coal Mine - Communications Tower Improvement Project.

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