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Project Summary

Coal Mine - Light vehicle access road, separation from haul road.


Access Road Upgrade Project
Access Road Upgrade Project

Project Brief

Relocation of light vehicle access road, separation from haul road as mining progresses.


  • Light vehicle roads require relocation on the highwall side of the mine and separation from heavy vehicles
  • Four roads constructed - totalling 14km
  • Major culver work and road access dam delta also required
  • Budget initially A$9m, reduced to A$6.8m as cost reduction initiatives were activated
  • All SOW, tender documentation, contractor selection, and execution included in project scope
  • Project to also include 3x 6.6kV powerline retractions and three under road cable crossings


  • 14km of Back Access Roads constructed to Main Roads Standards
  • Low cost options identified and initiated as part of ongoing cost reduction¬†initiatives

Business Outcomes

  • Light vehicle access roads constructed safely, on budget and on schedule
  • Cost reduction initiatives identified for replication on next roads

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