Mine Car Park Upgrade

Category: Civil Projects

Project Summary

Coal Mine - Car Park upgrade.


Car Park Upgrade Project
Car Park Upgrade Project

Project Brief

Upgrade of 60 bay car park utilised by operations staff, administration staff and visitors to mine.


  • Capital budget of A$350k to upgrade 60 bay car park
  • Integrate the car park upgrade in to the Master plan for the mine site and consider planning of future infrastructure
  • Adhere to Australian Standards and standard specifications for car parks
  • Complete the construction works during day shift, adjacent to busy mine entrance, bussing entrance, truck entrance and pedestrian crossings


  • Design upgrade to angle parking and segregated pedestrian walkways
  • Rehabilitate and raise gravel pavement, applying new bitumen sealing
  • Construct concrete lined stormwater drainage tie-in to pavement works
  • New pedestrian and traffic line marking, plus pedestrian handrails
  • Recycle and rehabilitate existing materials (eg: wheel stops, signage, etc)
  • Communicate change to staff, contractors and vistors to the mine site

Business Outcomes

  • Positive feedback within first week of operations, including visitors
  • Completed under budget by effective use of recycled materials and proven subcontractor selection