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Project Summary

Coal Mine - Major Haul Road Culvert Upgrade.


Culvert Upgrade Project
Culvert Upgrade Project
Culvert Upgrade Project
Culvert Upgrade Project

Project Brief

Requirement to remove and replace damaged culverts from beneath heavy vehicle Haul Road adjacent to environmentally sensitive creek.


  • Specified maximum allowable construction duration of 12 hours
  • Haul road must remain operational through-out construction period
  • Budget of A$25k, to complete planning, materials purchases, mobilisation, safety and risk assessment, construction and demobilisation


  • Bulk cut to approximately 3 metres and 12 metres wide, bench and batter
  • Removal and replacement of 4 barrel x 900mm culverts, length 24m
  • Backfilling with in-situ bilk fill using suitable bedding materials
  • Use of stabilised sand to ensure positive connection between existing and new culverts joints, adequate compaction of surrounding backfill material to prevent long term settlement and haul road failure

Business Outcomes

  • Successfully completed all deliverables within the specified 12 hour period
  • Zero incident or damage to environment , operational mine plant or haul road

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