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Project Summary

Coal Mine - Mine Water Fill-Point Installation - 300 litres per second.


Water Fill-Point Install Project
Water Fill-Point Install Project
Water Fill-Point Install Project

Project Brief

Install a water fill-point capable of taking water from long-term water storage pit and either supply water to the irrigation scheme or fill-point.


  • Capital Budget of A$1.1 million to install a water fill-point
  • Located adjacent to Heavy Haul Road
  • New entry and exit pavement, concrete fill pad and pre-fabricated steel standpipe
  • Water delivery to water carts at 300 litres per second


  • Design criteria to include various CAT water truck sizes and dimensions
  • Co-ordination of multiple site disciplines (Civil, Mechanical and electrical)
  • 180m3 concrete fill pad, sediment drain and bund walls
  • New haul road gravel pavement turnout including safety bund walls, improved stormwater drainage, 90o intersection and signage
  • Telemetry remote systems to control filling from water truck drivers cab

Business Outcomes

  • Standardised design developed for future fill-point projects
  • Effective use of mine pit water
  • Project delivered safely, on budget and and on time (prior to wet season)

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