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Project Summary

Coal Mine - Mine Water Fill-Point Upgrade.


Water Fill-Point Upgrade Project
Water Fill-Point Upgrade Project

Project Brief

Site requirement to increase water flow rates to water carts and fill 785 carts in less than 10 minutes, requiring a minimum fill rate of 300 litres per second (lps).


  • Increase throughput from the current small pump hardware filling header tanks at only 20 lps
  • Review current electrical infrastructure to cater for the required upgrade
  • Budget A$750,000, to include transformer, pump, standpipe, piping and installation
  • Additional, secondary project and budget to upgrade civil items


  • New standpipe sized and installed, catering for future larger sized trucks
  • Electrical infrastructure upgraded, including transformer and associated infrastructure
  • New electric pump supplied and fitted, providing 350 litres per second

Business Outcomes

  • 785 water trucks successfully filled in nine minutes
  • Uprated, high volume water fill-point implemented for use within summer months
  • Project delivered safely, on budget and and on time

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