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Project Summary

Metalliferous Mine - Modular Fleet Management System (FMS) Implementation.


Modular Fleet Management System Project
Modular Fleet Management System Project

Project Brief

Installation of a Modular Fleet Management System in a staged approach.


  • Capital budget of A$2.7 million for a staged installation of a Modular FMS
  • Phase 1 - 14 Trucks and 2 Excavators
  • Phase 2 - High Precision GPS - Drill, 13 D11 Dozers and 2 Excavators
  • Scope also included dispatch centre and recruitment of dispatchers


  • Modular FMS supply and installation of units
  • Delivery of daily reports to management of actual performance to identify area's of improvement
    - cycle times, payloads, delays, etc.
  • Selection and training of dispatch operators
  • Installation of Motomesh Network to be used as a backbone for all site communications
  • Real time, actual performance displayed in remote locations

Business Outcomes

  • Understanding of Truck/Shovel movements, optimisation of cycle times and reduce over/under trucking
  • 2% increase in payloads due to realtime feedback to operators
  • Increased stripping productivity

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