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Project Summary

Coal Mine - Major Dewatering Strategy; Poly pipe supply and installation.


Dewatering Strategy Project
Dewatering Strategy Project
Dewatering Strategy Project
Dewatering Strategy Project

Project Brief

Major rain events have necessitated rapid recovery from water inundation, a dewatering strategy needed to be developed and executed for rapid return to production.


  • Project Management included all designs, tenders and mobilisation of contractors and execution
  • Execution included all earthworks, poly installation with tie-ins to existing infrastructures
  • Ability to move water up and down an 80 km mine site between high and low wall systems
  • Project included multiple staging dam construction and modifications
  • Budget - A$17 million


  • Return to production as quickly as possible following any future significant rain events
  • 120 km additional poly pipe supply and installation
  • High flow rates to long term water storage areas, including offsite water discharge areas when conditions allowed

Business Outcomes

  • Ability to easily move water up and down mine site as required
  • Project delivered safely, under budget and on time

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