Category: Mining and Production Projects

Project Summary

Coal Mine - Reduction of mine water on site by water destruction processes.


Water Destruction Project
Water Destruction Project
Water Destruction Project
Water Destruction Project

Project Brief

Major rain events have caused long term water storage areas to be filled, excess water needed to be destroyed to reduce on site volumes.


  • Target of 20ML per day excess mine water destruction
  • Multiple processes available for use
  • Low operating costs required
  • 220Ha available irrigation area to be utilised
  • Scope to include top soil removal, supply and install pumping piping and irrigation  systems as well as soil conditioning for maximum evaporation
  • Budget of A$10 Million


  • Sustainable  water destruction, with weekly targets
  • Environmentally sound, full conformance with no unapproved water discharges
  • Ability to replicate and transport process to other areas
  • Minimal operator involvement

Business Outcomes

  • Targets Achieved - 100ML per week, long term target goal
  • Project delivered safely, on budget and on time
  • Multiple processes proven to be viable and successful
  • BMA Award - Gold Environment Award 

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