Category: Structural Remediation

Project Summary

Replacement of 6 Trestles and 2 Gantries on elevated conveyer structures.


Gantries and Trestles
Gantries and Trestles
Gantries and Trestles
Gantries and Trestles

Project Brief

Structural audits had identified integrity issues in several conveyers in the CHPP.


  • Scope of work also required the installation of temporary and permanent concrete footings whilst CHPP was operating
  • 3 conveyers remediated as part of project - Feed, Product and Reject Conveyers
  • Inclusion of all project management, tender, contractor selection processes and execution
  • A major component of the project was to manage interactions for multiple work fronts during a 2 week shutdown
  • Execution to be over a 2 week shutdown period
  • Budget - A$2 million¬†


  • 3 Conveyers with new Trestle and Gantry section replaced
  • Trestles replaced by jacking up existing conveyer structure

Business Outcomes

  • Successful project completion, on budget and on time
  • Zero incidents