In today’s environment an understanding of all production processes with a view to improving critical processes is the key to survival.

FAROP offers a wide range of Business Improvement Solutions , where depending on where a company is on the Improvement Maturity Curve , tailored solutions can be developed that focus on the Key Levers that define Required Output;

  • Tonnes Per Operating Hours,
  • Number of Operating Hours and
  • Quality

FAROP Director, Peter Fuller has been working in the Improvement field since 2000 utilising Lean Six Sigma and other Improvement Processes and was the First Accredited Black Belt and Master Black Belt at BHPBilliton.

Peter was the Business Improvement Manager for BMA Blackwater Mine (2000 to 2003) and on the basis of success in this role was appointed Business Improvement Manager for BHPBilliton Operations from 2003 and 2006 , a role that encompassed 46 Production Operations across Australia.

The primary functions of this role was to;

  • Train, Mentor and Accredit Business Improvement Professionals (Six Sigma Black Belts) from these sites - approximately 200 personnel in total.
  • Engage and Align Leadership personnel in the Drive for Improvement
  • Run major projects critical to Operational Success
  • Report on metrics of success for the program
  • Conduct Business Planning Processes

Specific Successful Business Improvement Projects include:

  • Increasing Dragline Rope Life
  • Increasing Fine Coal Recovery in the Coal Handing and Preparation Plant (CHPP)
  • Increasing Coal Recovery in Mining Processes (4%)
  • Recovery to product of previously wasted coal – thin seam coal and rejects
  • Reducing Shovel Rope Changeout times
  • Increasing Pre-strip Volumes from D11 Dozing Operations (20%)
  • Increasing Mining Production rates in Excavator/Truck Fleet (10%)

Case Studies

Mine Water Destruction Processes

Project Summary Coal Mine - Reduction of mine water on site by water destruction processes.

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Replacement of Gantries and Trestles

Project Summary Replacement of 6 Trestles and 2 Gantries on elevated conveyer structures.

more info
Mine Car Park Upgrade

Project Summary Coal Mine - Car Park upgrade.

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New Concrete Tunnel - train load out structural bypass

Project Summary Provide a structural bypass solution to the existing Train load out tunnel.

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Work-Pac-4 - Increased Coal Production

Project Summary The CHPP was losing coal due to poor floatation performance - New pumps and Sumps r

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