Structural Remediation Projects

Structural works involving Concrete and Steelwork remediation - structures up to 40 years old and require remediation to ensure continued safe operation.

Identify which projects are Operating Expense and Capitol Expense and take all CAPEX projects through the Capitol Approval Processes.


Scope of work typically consists of;

  • Selection of Design Engineers based on similar project success, innovative, safe, lower cost options that can be achieved with minimal plant downtime
  • Development of concept designs to present to Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder engagement to ensure project scope and outcomes reflect Business Requirements
  • Business Case and Scope of Work documentation development
  • Development of Tender documentation to select and engage contractors to execute the Structural projects
  • Development of Budgets including contingency for Project Execution, based on all SOW’s and Owner’s cost pricing
  • Submit and present all documentation to achieve Tollgate approvals through Saraji and BMA approvals processes , raise all Contracts and Purchase Orders
  • Engagement and on-boarding of contractors
  • Development of Risk assessments , JSAs etc before commencing execution
  • Execution of projects with Supervisors, Engineers , monitoring progress , tracking costs , schedules etc

Recently completed projects- all completed in two week Plant Shutdown

  • Conveyor Trestle and Gantry replacement- works carried out on three conveyors of the Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP)- changed out six trestle legs and replaced two gantry sections
  • Concrete Thickener Launder replacement – launder of an existing concrete thickener was found to be structurally unsound and needed to be replaced
  • Train load-out Concrete Tunnel structural bypass – 130m of concrete tunnel with structural integrity issues that required an innovative, lower cost solution to provide structural integrity as a standalone structure
  • Coal Feed Stockpile Tunnel Structural bypass – Armco tunnel and Coal feeder structure required structural enhancement to ensure structural integrity of the structure
  • Small structural works – works carried out to upgrade smaller structures using dedicated structural remediation crew – repaired under “Structural Guidelines” criteria